Members of Altrusa are dedicated to developing and applying our leadership abilities within the club and in our communities. The club has achieved Altrusa International's Distinguished Club status in 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2016-17.

Scholarships Awarded:
We also recognize leadership through scholarships since 1991. Currently our club awards scholarships each year to 3 Local High School Students, 1 Non-Traditional Student, and 1 University of Kansas Student who plans to Study Abroad.

Scholarship Recipients for 2016-17:

MaKenna Norcross-Lawrence High School

Jenalee Dickson-Free State High School

Josie Malec-Baldwin High School

Kristin Vickers--University of Kansas

Distinguished Altrusan (Formerly Altrusan of the Year):

Our Distinguished Altrusan award recognizes one of our own members who has exemplified Altrusa ideals in an outstanding way during the previous year. This award recognizes the member of our club who has extended herself above and beyond expectations to serve our club and our community.

Chris Day was named Altrusan of the Year for 2017. She joined in 2003, and has done many things to enhance our club. She has been a great model and supporter of literacy by both reading to students at New York Elementary and helping at their book fair. She has worked in many leadership positions including being the president from 2010-2012. She was instrumental in creating the Special Events and Projects Committee, adding the position President-Elect, as well as writing the by-laws. She has been a volunteer for service projects and stepped in when anything needed to be done. We thank Chris for being a member of and all the hard work she has put in to make it the wonderful Altrusa Club we have today.

Each year the recipient's name is engraved on a traveling plaque in an addition to a certificate the honoree may keep permanently. Members who received this award are shown below:

  • 2004 – Betty Parks
  • 2005 – Sally Brandt
  • 2006 – Ami Daley
  • 2007 – Kassie Edwards
  • 2008 – Julie Tollefson & Trina Vincent Horsey
  • 2009 – Mary Chappell
  • 2010 – Debbie Schmidt
  • 2011 – Lori Michel
  • 2012 – Sidney Roedel
  • 2013-- Elois Allan
  • 2014-- Patie Fielding
  • 2015--Shirley Halladay & Nancy Yost
  • 2016--Diana Deutsch
  • 2017--Chris Day


Chris Day (on left)- 2017 Distinguished Altrusan
Altrusans attend a Leadership Seminar.
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